Coninental Snacks
Coninental Snacks

Traditional Dutch Poffertjes

Delicious fluffy pancakes served with a variety of toppings

As the name suggests, poffertjes signify fun in Holland, whether it's a festival, summer holiday, christmas or new year, there will always be someone selling this delicious treat.

We produce these freshly cooked mini pancakes in a traditional copper poffertjes grill topped with a variety of flavours to suit most peoples taste.

Originally made with buckwheat flour, served with a slice of butter on top and covered with powdered sugar.


We specialise in traditional street food from many countries and will shortly be announcing additional products to compliment our Poffertjes. 

We are committed to having an excellent food management and hygiene system in place and are proud of the recognition from our local enviromental health authority.


Our operatives also hold the level 2 qualifications in food safety and catering.

Outside Events

Available for private events.

Dutch Poffertjes

What are they?, where did they come from?

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