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Poffertjes, what are they?

Poffertjes are small mini fluffy pancakes and are a traditional Dutch treat dating back hundreds of years, they were originally made using Buckwheat flour due to the acute shortage of wheatflour during the French revolution. Initially it was cooked by poor farmers due to the poor arid ground needed to grow the buckwheat.

Buckwheat has a strong bitter taste, nowaday's it is combined with plain flour, milk and eggs to provide a more pleasing fluffy pancake.

The poffertjes are freshly cooked using a special cast iron or copper poffertjes grill with many dimples depending on how many you wish to produce in one go. They are traditionally served hot with a slice of butter placed on top which melts into the poffertjes, this is finally sprinkled with icing sugar for the perfect taste. If you have a sweet tooth they can be topped with a range of syrups or served with strawberries or bananas.

We have gone to great length's to try and replicate the original poffertjes as much as possible, they are not to be confused with UK or American pancakes.

Our Poffertjes equipment is imported directly from Holland, we follow the recipe and cooking methods on the advice from our Dutch suppliers to produce these delicious mini pancakes.

Poffertrjes cooked on a traditional copper grill

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